Our Mission

“We as African people are suffering in a paradigm that is not compatible to our biospirituality. Much of our suffering is due to the misconception that all nutrition is good for all people.”

– Chef Adjoa of Seulful Pantry
african centered philosophy

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Marcus Garvey gave us the concept of ‘Race First’ and total self-sufficiency. There is a huge component missing in the African centered framework. We lack proper physical and mental health. We tend to reject the non-African view regarding the study of history and politics, however, we continuously follow the nutritional guidelines that are not compatible with ours.

Thoughts on Veganism

The plant-based journey is not one that ends once someone “becomes vegan.” It is a lifelong journey that continuously changes as we return back to our African selves.

Initially, I transitioned to a vegetarian diet in a challenge by close friends. I had an attachment to flesh. I enjoyed the consumption, but not the preparation. As someone suffering from physical ailments such as recurring migraines, arthritis, and gastro issues, I realized the vegetarian way was not helping me to the best of my body’s ability.

Luckily, I had the support that guided me through my transformation. Joining an African centered biology course, led by Born Mastermind Allah, I knew there were changes to be made in my lifestyle. Master Herbalist, Khensu ‘Sideeq’ Ani, assisted me during my journey with his wonderful product, Black Root Tonic. With support and love from my loved ones, friends who became family, I turned my teenage dream into a full-time career.

Seulful was initially a display of flesh-free meals. I wanted to show friends and family there is a way to create and consume delicious foods without harmful toxins and excessive consumption of animal protein. With motivation from my amazing support team, Seulful has transformed into what is today.

Food is ritual – is it a spiritual practice that is sacred and must be treated as so Seulful Pantry’s mission is to create dishes that are compatible with the African’s biospirtual system.