Frequently Asked Questions

The most FAQ about Seulful Pantry’s brand, services and cooking style.

I started Seulful Pantry in April of 2016. Initially, Seulful Pantry was a display of meals you can make without animal products. Eventually, I turned my hobby into a passionate career and I am thankful for those who have motivated me along the way.

Allow me to breakdown the name.

The ‘Seul’ in Seulful is a play on the word Soul and Sol. When I first created Seulful Pantry, I spent a lot of time sun-gazing and bathing. I understand that the Sun/Sol is essential to not only the physical human, but to our souls. The Sun is a gift from the Creatress and Creator, that we should be ever grateful for.

Seulful Pantry integrates traditional “soul-food” and Afrakan meal preparation. I want people to enjoy their favorite meals without the unfortunate disease and disorders that come from it. These meals we call soul food, not only attack our bodies, but deteriorate our spirit. I want us to continue to enjoy flavorful meals, without jeopardizing our being.

Generally, people have difficulty with hunger when transitioning to a plant based diet. Much of this is because we may not know the right food pairings to ensure nutrition. We don’t need to be painfully full, however, being able to eat one meal and feeling sustained is something I take pride in. The ‘Ful’ in Seulful ensures you will feel light, yet full in nutrition, health and happiness.

To learn more about Seulful Pantry’s story, check out more information here.

Seulful Pantry currently does not ship any meal plans, however, we have some food options available for shipping such as snacks, spices and condiments.

Please let me know if you are interested in a meal plan outside of NYC/DMV, by contacting me via email.

I do not use any products derived from the soybean. However, if requested we can discuss options.

Group, one-on-one and in-home cooking classes and demonstrations are available. For inquiries and more information, click here.

Recipes are available on site and a few more when you subscribe to the website.

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